new mediative art

Davoud Safary introduces new mediative art

Learn more about the idea behind all concepts of my new mediative art (in German): ICUMEDA Aktionskunst

Learn here about realized art concepts in my work as the intercultural mediator of academic performance David Th Ausserhuber … and, yes, the mediative artist in which aspect I am commonly referred to as Davoud Safary:



Current exhibition: ZEBA HASTED | beautiful you are | زیبا هستید

World travel folder beautiful you are

Idea of travelling the world as artist: Guest Commentary Wiener Zeitung

Impressions of the exhibition and excerpt of its academic framework to be presented on this website in 2019. Meanwhile check my monthly ICUMEDA tweets for some visual conceptions of my world travel that this new mediative art is so beautifully composed of.







BORDERLINE | the walk on the edge

Bamiyan Gallery – 2016 SAARC Cultural Capital:


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Daykundi Gallery – 2016:

Motorcycle with BORDERLINE equipment

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Davoud Safary & Art on the Road: Some 50 hours by bus and motorbike, exhibition related equipment packed in two bags. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all dear friends who had their share in making BORDERLINE 2016 happen.

BORDERLINE flyer (exhibition 08|2016)