new mediative art

Davoud Safary introduces new mediative art

Learn more about the idea behind all concepts of my new mediative art (in German): ICUMEDA Aktionskunst

Learn here about realized art concepts in my work as the intercultural mediator of academic performance David Th Ausserhuber … and, yes, the mediative artist in which aspect I am commonly referred to as Davoud Safary:



Current exhibition: ZEBA HASTED | beautiful you are | زیبا هستید

World travel folder beautiful you are

Idea of travelling the world as artist: Guest Commentary Wiener Zeitung

Impressions of the exhibition and excerpt of its academic framework to be presented on this website in 2019. Meanwhile check my monthly ICUMEDA tweets for some visual conceptions of my world travel that this new mediative art is so beautifully composed of.







BORDERLINE | the walk on the edge

Bamiyan Gallery – 2016 SAARC Cultural Capital:

Photoreport on BORDERLINE

Bild 14 von 14

The Ministry of Information and Culture of Bamyan giving a photo report on BORDERLINE art

Daykundi Gallery – 2016:

Official Afghan Day of Youth, Nili (Daykundi)

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Davoud Safary paving the way for international mediative art at the Afghan Day of Youth, Nili. Organized by the local Ministry of Information and Culture, this conference adresses the young crowd to build their future back home in Afghanistan. Unprecedented in the history of Daykundi, a foreign guest was invited to co-design this important yearly event.

BORDERLINE flyer (exhibition 08|2016)